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Apple Fans: “No really, the iPad 3 is great!”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – After weeks, if not months, of rampant speculation, Apple has finally unveiled the next generation of its incredibly popular tablet device. The newest iteration of Apple’s iPad product line has met with uniformly positive reviews from fans and critics alike despite

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Tech Department Hopes to Raise Student Inconvenience by 28% this Semester

SUBTERRANEAN SERVER LABYRINTH – Looking excitedly from cubicle to cubicle, Tech Director Allan “Crazy Al” Hobkins was in high spirits as he walked past his colleagues early Monday morning.

“We’ve really accomplished something here- really provided a service that can’t be counted on,” said the head of Michigan State University’s Tech Department, nearly tearing up as he walked past a training cubicle where employees were being instructed on how to most effectively misinterpret an email error report.