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Earthquake Lets Citizens Forget World for Evening

EAST COAST, USA – A reported magnitude 5.8 earthquake rippled through the East Coast earlier this week, allowing citizens to completely block out the harsh, intractable problems engulfing the world for an entire evening. Many residents of the Eastern United States reported near complete amnesia

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GOP Literally Battles Budget Deficit

CONGRESSIONAL COLISEUM, DC – Seeming to crackle with energy, the air in the United States House of Representatives was saturated with exuberance as House Speaker John Boehner, wearing tanned leather and chainmail armor, strode through the lower corridors of the LBJ Congressional Coliseum toward the beast he would soon enter into mortal combat with.

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New TSA Pat Downs a Let Down

ROMANTIC INTERROGATION ROOM, TSA DUNGEON – New advanced airport screening guidelines for Transportation Security Apartment officials have caused an uproar across the internet in recent days as crestfallen air travelers describe disappointing procedures.