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Olbermann Proposes to Democratic Party

OLBERMANN LAIR, NYC – In a heartwarming display of true love, MSNBC pundit and anti-O’Reilly, Keith Olbermann, finally proposed to longtime sweetheart, the Democratic Party, on October 28th, 2010 after years of stolen glances and overt flirtation. According to sources close to happy couple, Olbermann had invited the Democratic Party over to his home on that late October night under the pretense of burning former president George W. Bush’s memoir, Gaffe Master: Living in a World of Truthiness.

“They were sitting back enjoying a glass wine and the warmth of a burning presidency, when Keith just dropped to one knee, $7,200 in hand, and popped the question, ‘Would you be my political party forever and for always?’,” recounted a witness to the event who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of other’s knowing he or she had willingly socialized with Keith Olbermann.


In an alternate reality, the man on the left actually matters in American politics.

All is not well for “Keithocratic”, however.

Olbermann failed to ask MSNBC to bless the union, infuriating the cable news network and causing it to suspend the pundit without pay.

“This is what you get for proposing to the boss’s niece without asking for permission first,” commented colleague Glenn Beck who was asked by Fox News to find a new partner in the Tea Party when the cable network refused to allow him to engage the Republican Party on the grounds of his “comical understanding of sanity.”

“They should have at least mentioned it to me,” said MSNBC when asked about the subject. “I’m not mad. I’m just very, very disappointed in the both of them.”

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