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The Candidates

Area Man Honestly Excited About GOP Field

LANSING, MI – On the eve of Michigan’s Republican presidential primary, officials from laser sound effects and political polling organization the Pew Research Center have identified an individual living Lansing, Michigan as “dangerously excited” about current GOP field. “He tested off the charts in enthusiasm

America's "To Do" list

Americans Surprised they have not Invaded Syria Yet

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A recent poll conducted by the Extreme Polling, Inc. has found that a significant majority of Americans are honestly surprised that the country has yet to intervene in the ongoing conflict in Syria. “Wait, that whole ‘Syria’ thing is still going on?


Mitt Romney Surprised to Meet Employed Michigan Voter

LANSING, MI – During an unscheduled stop at local Denny’s in Lansing, Michigan, former Massachusetts governor and Touch of Gray hair dye model Mitt Romney was surprised to meet an employed Michigander, according to those that witnessed the encounter. According to early reports, Mitt Romney