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Republican Tsunami Devastates Indonesia

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – Aid organizations are increasing relief efforts in the Southeast Asian country of Indonesia this week following the historic Republican tidal wave that tore through the island nation earlier this month. Donations have been pouring in from the international community since reports made clear the horrific damage and human casualties of the tsunami.

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Apple Unveils New iNternet

INTUITIVELY DESIGNED APPLE iHQ – With the intensity of a lion ready to pounce on a wounded gazelle, the technology saint, dressed in his holy garb of a mock turtleneck and jeans, entered the room carrying nothing more than an envelope and deck of cards. Those lesser mortals in the room trembled as reality bent and quivered in his wake. As one they readied their souls for the sacred words of their prophet.

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Oil Spill Coverage Threatens Endangered International News Reporters

FOREIGN NEWS SANCTUARY, BBC – A new report released by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has found that the ongoing BP oil spill crisis has significantly impacted the population of foreign news correspondents, which had already been placed on the endangered species list following the 2008 presidential election.