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Euro Leaders Decide to Let Greece Burn, Collect Insurance Money

ATHENS, GREECE – In an unprecedented move of solidarity, European leaders have unanimously agreed to discreetly burn down the economically floundering Greece in order to collect billions of euros in insurance claims. Those close to the secretive and often tense negotiations regarding the Greek financial


Couples Celebrate Annual Day of Ostracizing Single People

VALENTINE’S DAY BUNKER, MI – After weeks of exhaustive preparation, the nation’s couples are reportedly ready to unleash of deluge of emotional and psychological torment on those individuals unfortunate enough to be caught single on Valentine’s Day. “What was once a holiday celebrating romance has

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Mid-East Dictator put on Endangered Species List

INT’L AUTHORITARIAN WILDLIFE PRESERVE, SAUDI ARABIA – After much public outcry, secretive compromise, and international coverage, the International Union for Conservation of Nature has decided to place the once proud Orientismedii Imperiosa, commonly known as the Middle Eastern Dictator, on the Worldwide Endangered Species List. Coming down only after the ousting of now former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the decision was not made lightly.