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Barclays: “Libor A Smashing Success!”

LONDON – By manipulating the London Inter-Banking Offer Rate (Libor), multinational British banking and financial services institution Barclays has successfully surpassed all recent banking scandals in size and scope, say industry experts. “Due to the sheer magnitude this revelation, Barclays is now in a dominant position in the competitive

Bad Drivers 2012

Nonprofit Community Embraces “KONY 2012” Example, Minimalist Activism

IMAGINATIONLAND – Taking note of the unprecedented success of Invisible Children’s “KONY 2012” campaign, nonprofit organizations across the world have begun to develop redesigned, stylish marketing campaigns targeted at catching the attention of young people. The “KONY 2012” campaign, with its emphases on awareness over

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Europe “Calls a Mulligan” regarding Somalia

LONDON, UK – After watching Somalia marinate in two decades of civil war and violent instability like the world’s worst stew, Europe has decided to redo the entire country. “We now admit that Somalia is kind of our bad,” stated British Prime Minister and James