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Apple Fans: “No really, the iPad 3 is great!”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – After weeks, if not months, of rampant speculation, Apple has finally unveiled the next generation of its incredibly popular tablet device.

The newest iteration of Apple’s iPad product line has met with uniformly positive reviews from fans and critics alike despite lacking any surprising or innovative new features.

“It’s like experiencing the iPad for the first time all over again,” said Jon Philipson, head writer for, a website which specializes in reviewing chalkboards and chalkboard-like products. “It has retina display, 4G LTE capabilities, and… well… something else that I’m sure is great.”

Is this the new iPad 3? I know you can’t tell and so does Apple’s graphics department.sucelloleiloes

 During his presentation, Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO and head chef following the passing of Steve Jobs, described the iPad 3 as a “radically traditional design” meant to meet with “absolute precision” the demands and expectations of the company’s enthusiastic fans.

Those that attended the product unveiling expressed their intense excitement with the new iPad’s nearly identical look and feel. Apple enthusiasts have described that the iPad 3 as a “refreshingly conservative take” from a company more closely associated with breaking the mold.

“It was just like when they unveiled the iPhone 4S. It had the same form factor with some upgraded hardware. Everybody cheered,” said Rick Maldek, an Apple enthusiast that attended the iPad 3 unveiling.

“Once again Apple has played its hand perfectly. The iPad 3 is neither underwhelming nor overwhelming but exactly whelming,” commented Lisa Zebrof of USA Today.

Some have described the lack of originality as a “bold next step” for Apple into “previously charted waters” that fans have come to know and love.

With the iPhone 4S and iPad 3, industry analysts have reported a marked shift in Apple’s overarching strategic vision toward a “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” policy.

Google, Microsoft, and Apple’s other main competitors were caught off-guard by Apple’s sudden change in policy and have recalibrated their product lines to match the tech giant’s newest strategy, according to reports.

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