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Monthly Archives: August 2011

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Yosemite Sam Enters Race for GOP Nomination

DALLAS, TX – Making a huge splash on the political scene, rabbit hunting mogul and long-time Libertarian Yosemite Sam kicked off his campaign for the Republican 2012 Presidential nomination after months of rumors and speculation regarding his political ambitions. “I am the roughest, toughest, aaaaand

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Earthquake Lets Citizens Forget World for Evening

EAST COAST, USA – A reported magnitude 5.8 earthquake rippled through the East Coast earlier this week, allowing citizens to completely block out the harsh, intractable problems engulfing the world for an entire evening. Many residents of the Eastern United States reported near complete amnesia

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Old Man Jenkins Corp. Downgrades US Debt

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – In the wake of the recent United States federal debt ceiling debate, Old Man Jenkins Corporation has decided to follow Standard & Poor’s decision to downgrade the United States federal debt from three tin cans to a cactus and