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Barclays: “Libor A Smashing Success!”

LONDON – By manipulating the London Inter-Banking Offer Rate (Libor), multinational British banking and financial services institution Barclays has successfully surpassed all recent banking scandals in size and scope, say industry experts. “Due to the sheer magnitude this revelation, Barclays is now in a dominant position in the competitive banking corruption market. With the ongoing investigation, this scandal will last […]


  • I’m not sure where this forced march down the fractured recesses of my mind will end, but know that my caustic sanity is the loveliest of company.  The most abstract of sights shall be ours to behold ever so briefly before they wink away, devoured by the void.  Will the raw grandeur of these ethereal landscapes leave us blind witnesses, shouting from cracked lips our adoration of such majesty?  I know not.  Most likely we shall, having succumbed to fatigue, crawl amongst the most mundane and banal dreck of existence.  All I can say is this:   Here we go. #

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